The Problem
On highly frequented motorways, roadworks quickly cause dangerous traffic jams. Conventional traffic signs cannot cope with rapidly changing traffic situations. They do not follow the dynamics of traffic jams. A hazardous situation, coupled with incorrect human behaviour, may lead to fatal accidents. Is there an intelligent solution allowing road users to react accordingly and prevent accidents?
The Solution
Traffic Safe is the mobile and standalone traffic-information collection and guidance system. Road users are given up-to-date relevant information, clearly reducing the risk of accident. Due to its modular, autonomous design, this system can be installed well in advance of the source of danger in no time at all. Competitively priced as well as readily available, it presents the optimum solution for temporary applications.
The Function
Depending on the individual situation, the system consists of a central computer as well as a number of wireless detectors, cameras and display units independent of the mains. Data continuously collected by the sensors is transmitted via the mobile phone network to the central computer. In real-time, traffic situations are computed and the signals sent to the display units. Traffic managers and users can monitor and influence the flow of traffic via the internet or their mobile phones at any time.
Functional diagram
  Data Collection:
The Detector Module registers the movement of traffic
by means of sensors, the control unit, the radio unit,
and the solar energy supply unit.
Traffic data transfer via GPR/GSM  
  The Central Module:
Via GPRS/GSM data is sent from the Detector Module
to the Central Module. Evaluation software calculates
the correct control commands.
Positioning command via GPRS/GSM  
  The Display Module:
Via GPRD/GSM the Display Module receives the positioning
command. The Display Module consists of a VMS (Variable
Message Sign), the control unit, the radio unit, and the solar
energy supply unit

TrafficSafe product sheet
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Operating efficiency for implementable traffic-jam warning systems
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